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HL7 Lab Results Interface

While laboratory results have traditionally been sent to doctors and medical providers as fax images, faxes do not meet the structured data requirements of Meaningful Use. Thus the growth of electronic medical records is driving the capture of lab results as discrete data elements in computer-readable format. As many EMR systems have HL7 interface capabilities for incoming laboratory results, this is the method by which most providers are getting external and internal labs into their electronic charts.

Common Laboratory Data Sources

  • Hospitals with which physician is affiliated
  • LabCorp
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Toxicology Labs
  • Oncology Labs

Basic Requirements

  • Medical provider has an EHR / EMR System with inbound lab HL7 interface capability.
  • Laboratory has information management (LIMS / LIS) computer system with HL7 outbound interface capability.
    • Medical Incentive Technologies LLC works with multiple laboratories to create an HL7 lab results reporting capability.
    • Our lab aggregation services help laboratories whose existing lab information system (LIS) may not have HL7 capabilities or whose HL7 interfaces are excessively costly or slow to implement new technology.
    • By aggregating and streamlining HL7 communications using our existing network of connected EMR systems, we offer physicians faster project completion and fixed costs for the laboratory.
  • HIPAA-compliant, contractual relationship is established between laboratory and medical provider for the selection and release of the patient information due to medical necessity or other circumstance.
  • Establishment of authenticated, encrypted data connection between the laboratory and the provider's computer networks.
  • Agreement on which results / patients are to be transmitted. Typically cases where the medical practice is the ordering or attending physician for the patient are sent. Results may also be sent to assisting or referring physicians.
  • Cross-reference mapping of laboratory test codes from the laboratory to the provider's computer system. Typically these are done with LOINC codes or ML Codes and they are not the same as CPT or ICD codes. (e.g. ALT = Alanine aminotransferase)

Additional Information

Medical Incentive Technologies LLC understands HL7 interfaces very well and our consultants have played a leading role in successfully integrating lab results into an EMR as structured data.