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Getting Started

Whether you have questions, need help choosing a software system, or want some assessment of your progress, just call us to schedule a free initial consultation at 800-991-5726 or click the Schedule Online link.

Centricity Support Services

Our consultants and engineers have extensive experience in supporting GE Healthcare's CentricityŽ physician office applications. If your organization needs help with high level tasks like upgrades, migrations, conversions, roll-outs, or training, contact us and you'll quickly see that we have the expertise to help you be successful.

Applications Supported

  • CentricityŽ CPS EMR
    (electronic medical records; formerly Logician)
    • LinkLogic
    • Kryptiq Patient Portal
    • Kryptiq Secure Messaging
    • Kryptiq Document Management
  • CentricityŽ CPS PM
    (practice management & billing, formerly Millbrook, Physician Office practice management)
    • MIK Integration
  • CentricityŽ Group Management (formerly GPMS or Group Cast)

Specialty Areas

Case Studies

Centricity is a registered trademark of the General Electric Company. The services of Medical Incentive Technologies LLC are not endorsed by General Electric or GE Healthcare.