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Getting Started

Whether you have questions, need help choosing a software system, or want some assessment of your progress, just call us to schedule a free initial consultation at 800-991-5726 or click the Schedule Online link.

Custom Software

Our consultants and developers have produced a wide variety of reports and custom software in order to help healthcare practices and other organizations grow and share data. Typically, these projects address needs that the major software vendors did not anticipate.

Healthcare Application Examples

Other Application Examples

  • VoterTag Mobile voter canvassing and management for political campaigns from any iPhone, iPad, Droid, or PC device.
  • Mapping technology for Genetic Genealogy DNA, Surname, and Genealogy Research.
  • TaskListing A cloud-based web application platform that helps businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals improve efficiency and execution by keeping track of the things you need to get done. More than just a list, provides tools for you to automate your processes with features like data validation, reminders, notifications, progress reports, and business rules.

Fundamentally, our approach with custom software is to develop a clear model of how you would like your business to operate. With that understanding, Medical Incentive Technologies LLC fashions software that increases your efficiency and improves the consistency of your results.

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