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EMR Conversions

The conversion of electronic medical records from one system to another is a complex and multi-faceted endeavor. In addition to having a good internal team of business leaders, IT project managers, and clinical coordinators, a medical practice attempting an EMR migration generally requires a high level, external data conversion engineer.

EMR Data Conversion Engineer

The data conversion engineer should have the following capabilities:

  • Command of application and data structures
  • Mastery of medical data exchange technologies
    • HL7
    • CSV & Flat Files
    • XML & Web Services
  • Sensitivity to clinical, legal, and HIPAA issues relating to patient records
  • Custom programming expertise for the assembly, export, and import of attached documents and medical images

Project Estimate Questionnaire

Medical Incentive Technologies has the data expertise and experience to make your EMR conversion or upgrade a success. Our proprietary Conversion Questionnaire builds on our past successes to get your conversion initiative transformed into a tangible project quickly with calendar dates, cost estimates, and task assignments.

  • Menu-based costing makes it easy to see and explain the cost drivers to decision makers
  • Convert all types of data
    demographics billing
    calendar schedules insurance coverage
    clinical documents office notes
    laboratory results clinical observations
    preferred pharmacies alert notes
    patient photos Meaningful Use items
    • Medications
    • Allergies
    • Problem List
    • Vital Signs
    • Clinical Visit Summaries

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