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Patient Portal

Patient Portal commonly means an Internet site with data connections to your internal systems. Establishing a portal system can have many benefits for the patient and the practice, especially in conjunction with the Meaningful Use incentive program. However, a Patient Portal is also a new paradigm with risks associated with HIPAA confidentiality, increased patient expectations, and more information technology support costs.


Medical Incentive Technologies LLC understands all these issues very well and our consultants have extensive experience with Patient Portals and web-based medical applications. Our goal is not only to help you implement the basic Patient Portal but to also find ways to enhance your revenue and reduce your staff costs through improved efficiency.

Typical Portal Services

  • Customization with your logos, colors, and branding
  • Online Bill Payment for your patients with credit card, PayPal, or check payments
  • Online Appointment Scheduling for your patients with integration to your practice management or EMR system
  • Physician Search features to help patients find your doctors by location, zip code, specialty, insurance, and language.
  • Multi-Lingual Applications with on-the-fly and pre-translated language tools
  • Patient-Entered Forms for the web that save your staff time and work

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