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Diagram of LIS and Web Portal integration with Tasklisting Lab Tools

Tasklisting Lab Tools

Tasklisting Lab Tools is a cloud-based, medical lab information system (LIS) with local instrument interfaces. Essentially it handles the data going onto and off the laboratory instruments.

Illustration of Toxicology lab data flow using serial and file data exchnage with Tasklisting Lab Tools

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Tasklisting Web Portal

The Tasklisting Web Portal supports Lab Tools as well as data from other lab information systems (LIS) into a single portal for your customers. Security access rights to cases are based on the individual clinic or physician. On-the-fly generation of new accounts from your result stream makes administration of the portal light.

The Web Portal also offers Online Requisition Forms which let clinics generate a sample id, print the requisition form, and print the container bar code labels directly from their own printer.

Illustration of Tasklisting Web Portal concepts with Online Requisition Form, Reports, and LIS integration

TaskListing Web Site for other types of task tracking